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>> that's the united states marine corps. >> gretchen: stick around for our after the show show. they'll play another tune for us. that wraps it up. >> eric: magic man will be the tune. carolina. hurricane earl is a powerful category 3 storm. winds at 125 miles per hour off the coast of cape hatteras. it could make its way up to maine by the weekend. full fox coverage including the latest from the hurricane center out of miami. there is a fox news alert. jobs. the private sector lost 10,000
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jobs in august. it's going the wrong way, that arrow is. martha: turn these things around. this report does not include government jobs. it's just private sector jobs. it's clearly a sign the economy is struggling to get back on its feet. bill: varney and company, what do you think of this? >> we were supposed to be adding hundreds of thousands of new private sector jobs each and every month. that where we were supposed to be. but we lost 10,000 jobs in the month of august in the private sector. they were spread around, small business 6,000, medium size business, net, net, 10,000 jobs.
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they are at the heart of our economic problems and the concerns coming up for november. president obama is now focused firmly on the economy and how to turn this thing around. bill: quickly, stewart, this doesn't include census jobs, people hired for a short period of time. the profits are coming back, but they are not hiring. >> profits are extremely strong. big corporations are making a lot of money. but small businesses are not hiring. the reason often given is uncertainty. there is a new regulatory framework. everybody from healthcare reform and there are tax increases coming down the pike. when you couple those two things
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business say the outlook is uncertain. we'll wait and see. bill: check you out. 9:20 a.m. martha: they can make money with fewer people and profits are up because of it. tim pawlenty is laying down the law on healthcare. he's signing scene executive order to limit the reach of the healthcare law in his state. under the order state agencies must go through his office for federal grants. he says that will. >> i don't like anyone taking over my healthcare or anyone else's healthcare. i'm willing to stand and say we like minnesota's solutions to healthcare. critics say it's denying the state much-needed money and it's
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really about his run in 2012. this is a battle that's brewing. 20 states filing lawsuits against the new healthcare law. bill: breaking news out of alaska. an june set i -- an upset in ths too close to call. lisa murkowski was a strong favorite only days away from the vote now conceding to joe miller. a virtual unknown until he got the back from sarah palin at the midnight hour. that helped him win the race by less than 1,700 votes. >> i'm so proud of the campaign that we conducted. it was honest, it was upright, it was energetic, it was what a
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campaign in alaska should be. bill: how does joe miller feel about it, we wonder? his first national interview since the victory late last night will happen here in america's newsroom. joe miller is here next hour. martha: how he sees his nomination and what it means for the future of tea party politics coming up. we have a brand-new study that indicates a majority of new yorkers believe a proposed islamic center should not go up near ground zero. 71% of voters say the muslim group should voluntarily move its project elsewhere out of respect for the families of 9/11 victims. the same percentage of new yorkers say the attorney general should investigate the developer's finances. mayor bloomberg says that is a bad idea. >> it's a terrible precedent.
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you don't want them investigating donations to religious organizations and there is no reason for the government to do so. >> because of that distraction, those of us who support them might make an appeal to think about another area that might be suitable just to diminishing the tensions. martha: that was new york's governor david paterson who recently offered to help the developers find a different site. now the imam behind the project says the dispute is more than just real estate. he is returning early from that government paid trip from overseas that he has been on. what is the imam saying and why did he come back early? >> reporter: he's saying the future of islam in the united states could be at stake. he said the controversy could
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result in many muslims questioning their place in u.s. society. interestingly i avoided -- he avoided questions about relocating the mosque. he said critics of the small are a small group who want to politicize the issue and that the controversy opens a larger debate. >> in this instance in the united states, a much broader discussion about who we are at americans, about the role of religion in american life. we afterall are a nation of immigrants, nation of establishment for religious freedom and to protect such freedom. >> reporter: the imam says this debate is not just about real estate, but this debate is about location, location,
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location. martha: what is the latest reaction to the project? >> reporter: the muslim civil rights group called care is going to launch a public relations campaign. they have three spots ready that are going to be released two of those spots contain sound with a new york city muslim firefighter and a new york city emt worker both of whom were first responders on 9/11. the tag line says 9/11 happened to us all. there is a third spot that has a muslim, jewish and christian leader. the tag line is we have more in common than we think. those spots are set to be released at 10:30 this morning. martha: those are good points. that goes to the argument of many people of moving it. david lee miller, thank you. bill: fox news alert.
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vaks was orders given were evacuation orders given for all visitors on hatteras island. president obama on the phone talking about preparations for the storm that will have the entire east coast in its crosshairs. category 3 storm forcing the first round of evacuations at the moment. they are expected to hit the state's outer banks tomorrow and make its way up the east coast. north carolina's governor warning people to get ready for the worst. >> any person who has reason to think the storm track might go over their house. gather up supplies. put them in that water-tight box. bill: we'll get the latest from the national hurricane center. those guys are working night and day. they warned us it will be a big
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hurricane season. it hasn't happened just yet because a lot of storms have blown out to sea. martha: the tracks are all over the place within that cone. if they lean a little bit to the left -- bill: you have got earl and fiona right after earl. so we'll be talking about another storm right after earl. martha: we'll see. a new warning today about the kids and a popular over-the-counter cough medicine. some doctors are pushing to make these cough medicines prescription only. it's probably something enough your medicine cabinet. bill: sarah palin is heading to iowa and will head the annual republican ronald reagan dinner. do you know what that means? we'll ask karl rove if pay lynns
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getting ready for a white house run. martha: a battle on the border like you have never seen it before. everybody who does not have first-hand knowledge of what it's like on the border needs to see this video temperature "national geographic" giving us a close look at what it's like. it's coming up. ent or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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cair. >> this afternoon i spoke to president george w. bush.
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it's well known we disagreed about the war. but no one can question his commitment to our security and love of country. bill: moments ago a military ceremony taking place in baghdad as the u.s. military hands control over to the iraqis. karl rove is a former adviser to president bush. john mccain was on "fox and friends" an hour ago. i want to play a clip how he reacted to the comment president obama made about th about presi. >> when you succeed you give credit to others, when you fail you take responsibility. the president, i guess, never got that lecture. bill: did you expect anything different last night? >> not really.
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senator mccain is right. whatever a politician says, no one can doubt the praiseworthiness. one person may actually doubt what he's about to say. i think president obama would have looked bigger and strong had he acknowledged two things. the success of iraq was a result of a policy his predecessor endorsed and he opposed. if he had acknowledged the status of forces agreement negotiated by president obama cities what president obama is execute. it would have given him a sense of bipartisanship. sit would have made him look bigger. i think that's one of the disappointing parts of the speech. bill: it would have been the headline this morning had he said something about the bush opposed the surge, i did not, we had a disagreement. however, we are where we are.
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as a candidate and as president he always said the presentation to the sunni tribes changed the war, not the surge. >> it would have -- it would not have been one, let's hasten to get out of the country. this sounded like an economic speech to get votes in november. he made his number one job, jobs and the economy. there were good notes tonight. but particularly this instance of president bush. it's not the center of the speech, about it was a missed opportunity. bill: i want to talk about sarah palin. she was at glenn beck's rally on the mall saturday, upwards of 300,000, 400,000 people.
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she endorsed the winner in alaska at the midnight hour. he won by a hair. she is going to headline this big republican dinner in iowa on the 17th of september. what's going on here? >> these are three very good things to have done and have in your resume if you want to run for president. i'm not convinced she wants to run for president. she wants to continue to have a role in the party and to be a voice. but there are other things you need to be doing if you want to run for president. namely, building an apparatus. educating yourself about the issues and deepening your understanding of the issues so you can create the sense among the american people that you are up to the job. she may be doing these things behind the scenes but we haven't seen evidence of it yet. bill: some of the things i just mentioned would lead you to believe that. she'll throw her name in the
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hat. why are you not yet convinced of that. >> i know how big a decision this is. we have seen how important her family is to her. the kind of attention she gets by having a reporter, a journalist buy a house next to her in order to observe of her up close for a book is just the tip of the iceberg for somebody who runs for president. you and your family are subjected to coverage that is unrelenting ann and all consuming. every american gets a sense how private an individual she is when it comes to her family. there are several months to go before anybody has to make a decision. let's not count people in until they get in. bill: she has been exposed to that the past two years. i have 20 seconds left. think about it this way. if she does enter the race. how does that change the dynamic in 2012?
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>> she becomes a big player automatically. she begins to squeeze out some of the candidates who may share her socially conservative base. it will accentuate the process of coming up with a non-palin candidate and narrow the field sooner than later. we have several geological ages to go before the president contest frames up. in 2006 who would be thinking barack obama would be the democrat when everybody said hillary clinton. you and i will be very occupied. bill: here is to the next geological age. thank you, karl, live in dallas today. martha: it will be very interesting. in the meantime troops are patrolling the mexican border. they now have an extra set of eyes in the sky. unmanned drones are officially hovering over that border.
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but critics say it's a waste of cash. bill: a highway sign turning some heads. see a problem here?
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bill: there is a drone that will start flying today along the texas-mexico border. critics say it's just a waste of taxpayer money. don't miss our "national geographic" segment coming up moments away. martha: the highly anticipated chevy volt is hitting the roadways this fall. but critics are calling it an overpriced government-funded project with a big sticker
9:25 am
price. how much will it set you back? mike? >> reporter: one big promise and one government bailout later, gm is making good on its plans to deliver an electric production vehicle that you don't need to stop and plug in when you are driving because it has an engine that kicks in when the battery runs down. it's called the chevrolet volt. of course, none of it would not be possible without your tax manny. $240 million grant from the energy department. even $150 million to the company that made the batteries. >> the space shuttle is expensive. but it has done some amazing things for other industries. materials research and fostering interest in engineering. >> reporter: when the volt hits your dealerships, it will
9:26 am
cost $41,000. gm is boasting a tax rebate for anybody who buys the green vehicle. but it will put it in line with our entry level bmw or mercedes. what they are count on is the iphone effect. that people will line up and pay extra to get that new technology when it rolls o the line. some dealers are charging above and beyond the srp. bill: caught on dash cam, a wild chase that end after shots were fired. wait until you hear what happens after that. martha: the mid-term months away but some republican heavyweights have been kicked to the curb. what does this mean for republican leadership on capitol
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hill? bill: chances are you have some in your medicine cabinet right now, but soon you may need a prescription to pick it up. should cough medicine become prescription only? go to and vote online. [ female announcer ] lunch at red lobster...
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bid bad earl posing a major threat to millions along the east coast. this is a beautiful storm in terms of immediatology, the terms of the way it's shaped now. perfect with the circulation, evacuations underway in north carolina, that word went out an hour ago, category three storm, a little less intensity than we saw when we went to bed last night. still churning in the atlantic, packing winds of 125 miles an hour. here is your forecast for the folks in north carolina. all the way up to the state of massachusetts. and on into maine. category three, off the coast of north carolina, that's where the evacuations were ordered earlier today. for the very latest, bill reeves, director and spokesman no the national hurricane center in miami, you guys are working 24/7, bill, good morning to you. you put out numbers 30 minutes ago. what did they tell you? >> reporter: well, that we're still on that northwest, at about 15 miles an hour. we're in the 770 miles or so
9:32 am
to the south southeast of cape hatteras and the big challenge over the next 24-36 hours will be assessing that term more to the north. it's on a northwest track which would make one think it's heading towards them but it's supposed to go more north and then northeast as the next two days progress and that's going to be the challenge in the forecast. stays on that track, the main impact will be right on the coast with heavy surf, ripcurrents, beach erosion, some tidal flooding. farther west it could have direct impacts on extreme eastern north carolina or extreme eastern virginia and then again, come friday, a threat to southeast new england, mainly the cape. a little early to tell specifically for the cape, but they're doing the right thing in the carolinas, getting the tourists out of the area. bill: it's moving at a pretty quick clip. 16 miles an hour, that's almost lightning speed for a storm this size. what are you telling the
9:33 am
folks in north carolina that are watching now? >> reporter: well, it's actually a fairly typical speed as one comes down there and i don't think it will speed up a whole lot until it gets even with them. the watches that are currently in effect are going to have to be upgraded sometime today to a warning. they're doing all the right actions, they've been getting the people alerted as of yesterday, and they're starting to move the high risk communities that only have one way out and flood at a very low tide, they're already having those folks move, so i think we're in good shape on the sense of what the threat is in the market carolina, southeast virginia area. bill: bill, thank you very much. i know you guys are working 24/7, as i mentioned, but we really appreciate your update and your insight. thank you, bill, bill reeves at the national hurricane center in miami. go to shr-rbg "america's newsroom", you'll get the latest on earl's track, we'll update it every hour, every day, so you get what you need to know there on
9:34 am
line. >> reporter: click on the bya box and if you have a question about the storm, also, hemmer,, follow me on twitter, bill hemmer, one line, bya, because you asked, earl is out there, big bad earl! churning right now in the atlantic. martha: big news in the political front today, tea party favorite alaska republican joe miller clenched the win in the senate primary for republicans there, knocking out lisa murkowski whose family has held a big political play in alaska for 30 years, but he's not the only republican who is changing the game in the senate here. the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell, some are saying, has somewhat lost his inner leadership circle in all of this. senator bennett voted out in the primary for a more conservative candidate, senator gregg is retiring, lisa murkowski, we just told you the story there and after losing the bid for governor, the jury is out on
9:35 am
mr. senator kay bailey hutchison will run for her seat. so is the base of the republican party starting to shift? kiki maclean, who was mike huckabee's -- and mike huckabee's campaign manager, welcome to you both. kiki, when you look across the aisle at what's going on what do you think about mitch mcconnell's power and what is shaping up in the primary? >> one of the things that will change as a result of this election cycle is that the republican caucus is in the -- caucuses in the senate and house will change. there is certainly a change in the senate but i would suggest the most endangered incumbent is really john boehner, house republican leader, because i think if you see a lot more of the tea party candidates come into their caucus, when they go to their leadership elections, they're not going to stand with the establishment leadership. there is a little slower change of pace to that, to the senate caucus, but i would suggest to you that a dangerous place for republicans to be is establishment leadership. martha: very interesting. you know, you look at what
9:36 am
happened in kentucky, chip, trey greyson was supposed to be the mcconnell-backed candidate, he lost to rand paul and the new candidates have a different flavor to them than what we've seen in the republican party. you harken back to the big shuffle in '94 when you look at all of this. >> no question. we shouldn't be too shocked when you've got a change election in front of you that we actually get change, and we're seeing a different type of candidate, we're seeing candidates that are very fiscally conserve teufrbgs that's what they're running elections on, they're talking about the economy and jobs, and specifically, about washington getting completely out of control with spending their money. rand paul did a great job with that in kentucky and stayed focused on that from start to finish, that's what won him the election, folks like marco rubio and pat toomy in pennsylvania, these are big republican states that they've sometimes done well, sometimes not but they have the right message for not only the people in their state but voters in the country. martha: it's becoming increasingly clear that one of the dynamic duos is sarah
9:37 am
palin and jim demint. kiki, when you look at the two players in all of this, how are they shaping up in terms of the roles they're playing? >> one of the things that both of them do, and i don't necessarily agree with what they're talking about, is they're talking about what they want the republican party to be, not talking about just trashing obama, although they have both engaged in that, but that i think is what is getting them traction within their own party. now, what that leaves is a question for voters, do you want to go to the extreme place that is sarah palin and jim demint want you to go or do you not, but that's part of the battle that's going on within the republican party and we'll see play out. martha: it seems if there is an extreme message, chip, that i think is getting traction here, it's fiscal responsibility. i mean, the candidates talking the most about getting serious about cutting spending and of course the proof will be in the pudding when they actually make two to -- make it to washington if indeed they do, that is what seems to resonate more than anything. >> there is no question, that's what is driving the energy in our party right now. really, the energy in this election. that's why you're seeing a generic ballot, plus ten,
9:38 am
for republicans now because we're the ones talking about getting spending under control, talking about reducing the decifit, while president obama and nancy pelosi are spending trillions of dollars and adding it to the decifit and the country has just about had enough and i think that's why you're going to see a new face of republican politics out there and it's one of fiscal control and you've got great candidates like marco rubio and rand paul that are going to lead that charge in november. martha: you mentioned, dick armey, tom delay became the face of the party then. we'll see who comes forth. thank you both, see you soon, thanks, guys. bill: new this morning, president obama hopes the talks with the middle east leaders at the white house, hosting benjamin netanyahu, meeting with a palestinian president after that, the talks come after four israelis were killed at a checkpoint in the west bank here hebron, only 24 hours ago. leland vitter is live in the west bank now.
9:39 am
leland, what happened? >> bill, what we can tell you right now is the four civilian set alreadies were killed, one of those killed included a pregnant woman. as you look around me, you can see just how tight security is here, just four or 5 miles from where this attack happened. stepping out of the picture, you can see the army checkpoints, this has come out overnight as they try to not only prevent a retribution attack by jewish settlers against the palestinians, they're also trying to prevent another incident like what happened last night. this was on a road, as you said, near hebron. it's on a big curve, where the settlers were in this car and would have slowed down and local media reports that these guys, the gunmen, came out of the hills, fired on to the car, and as the car stopped, they then walked up to the car and fired even more rounds into the car to make sure these four people were dead. clearly, this is an attempt to derail the peace talks, and they may not have done that, but they have certainly influenced them.
9:40 am
the current thought that prime minister netanyahu's position in washington as he meets with president obama has been severely helped and on the flipside, the palestinians have been somewhat embarrassed by this in the gaza strip today, hamas held a rally celebrating this attack, and it was a massive celebration there. they claimed responsibility for this attack in this area that is controlled by the palestinian authority, but hamas has a lot of activists and a lot of gunmen and militant necessary this area. over the past couple of weeks, there was a big roundup by the palestinian authority and by the israeli security sources as they tried to prevent an attack just like this happening. clearly, they weren't able to do it, bill. bill: le land vitter live in the town of hebron, thank you. again, the meetings at the white house happen next hour. martha. martha: market is open. let's take a look at how things are going this morning, investors reacting to the new jobs numbers,
9:41 am
nice move, up 120 points despite the fact that the private sector shed an unexpected 10,000 jobs last month. also keep an eye on good news from the overseas markets. a lot of different things have influence on where these arrows go on wall street and we're seeing some of that play out this morning on the corner of wall street. bill: it's been growing overseas, come on! pack the kids, make one trip, right? 2009, the summer of voter discontent, americans pouring into town halls and telling lawmakers -- exactly how they feel about health care reform. why democrats say they're avoiding the topic all together -- why democrats say republicans are avoiding the topic all together. martha: ever wonder what u.s. border patrol agents are up against? how few numbers of us have actually seen what they do? we're going to take you down there so you can see firsthand, deep into the trenches. >> fire up, fire up, hit it,
9:42 am
hit it, hit it.
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bill: new details on the arrest of a born and bred american turned mexican assas anyone and drug lord, mexico city police releasing videotape of the 37-year-old man, edgar valdez villa real, known as the barbie, suspected of shipping cash and drugs in and out. u.s., the arrest coming as we get a new look of the dangers facing border patrol agents along that 2000-mile stretch. over the last several months, not geographic has sent camera crews down, up and down that border, and the result is a program called border wars. here is a sneak peek of what they found: >> he hopes the atvs
9:46 am
redirect the group, he'll run right into them. >> the guy is running this way. >> okay, got him. >> there's a group with the light. >> i think that he, you know -- i need to get there up and get on them. bill: what are the men and women in uniform up against down there? nick stein is a series producer of the national geographic's "border wars". good morning to you. we've seen a lot of clips and it's fascinating stuff. especially the telescopic video at nighttime. what did you learn during the many, many months you spent down there that you think the rest of america needs to know? >> well, i think that the thing that people really have to understand is this is an incredibly difficult job, an amazingly challenging job. you're talking about
9:47 am
2000 miles of border, over some of the most inhospitable terrain on the earth. you're talking about the richest country in the world, hard up against one of the poorest countries in the world, wracked by narco violence, and we're asking these incredible men and women to put themselves in harm's way, and i think a lot of people do not really understand or appreciate how difficult and challenging that job is. bill: you lived down there for 18 months, nick. you've seen so much. can you pinpoint what the biggest change was in the time you were there? >> well, i mean, we have seen so much. we started in nogales, arizona, we've been to san diego oerbgs we've been to laredo, texas, we've been to mckellen, we've been to both florida and porto reek oerbgs where we worked also with ice, immigration customs enforcement, which is an incredible organization, and the dea. but our early work started with the customs and border
9:48 am
protection, which is border patrol office of field operations and marine, and everything we do down there is shocking. when you think you've seen it all, you haven't. the biggest single -- i mean, you know, the first time we were jumping out of black hawk helicopters, you know, they land us in the mountains at night, they put one wheel down on a rock, they yell go, go, go, we pull out of this thing and we're chasing illegal immigrants all over the mountains, we never know whether they're a drug smuggling group or whether they're actually just undocumented workers. but you know, we've been shot at, we've been up to swamps up to our waist, we ride the back of atvs. it's just an incredible job. bill: nick, you were about to say something there and i interrupted you. you were about to say the biggest change was what? >> well, the thing you can't believe is the narco violence on the other side of the river.
9:49 am
i don't think anybody could have predicted this level of ruthlessness and this level of inhumanity over there. your life isn't worth much when it comes to the northern parts of mexico, because they have a thing, they call it the letter of the gold, you either take the bribe or the bullet, and this is a tough way to people -- for people to live. we also talk to the migrants and we talk to people coming across and it's unbelievable, they sold everything, they've gone into debt, their lives are in danger, kaeurp constantly threatened, the women are in terrible jeopardy and often, we will save them in a stashhouse, right, but we've also shattered their dreams at the same time. so it's everything down there is complicated. there's nothing simple a block away about life on the border. bill: nick, listen, thank you and congratulations to you and your crew down there. i know it is tough work, you did it for the past year and a half. check it out later tonight, the first episode of border wars, tonight on national
9:50 am
agree gaffic channel and every wednesday following it, at 9:00 eastern time. thank you to you and your view -- and your crew, appreciate. >> thank you, really appreciate it, thank you. martha: it is not your average car chase, a dramatic video and why an investigation is being launched .
9:51 am
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martha: do the kids have a cold? chances are you may reach for that bottle of cough syrup to get through the night but soon the feds may order you to get a prescription before you buy cough syrup. that's because some kids are abusing the cough medicine. joining me, manny alvarez, fox news.cole and member of the medical a team. this is the most disturbing
9:54 am
development i think we've seen in these things because we know when you buy certain cold medicines you have to unlock it at the pharmacy, so now cough medicine, will we really have to get a prescription? >> this is the kind of story that drives me absolutely crazy because i have teenage children and people have to realize that teenidgers these days, i don't know what the hell is in water but they're getting high in things they're not supposed to get any and nyquil has a creme -- chemical called dmx and basically you find it in a whole bunch of products, you can really get high. they call it robotriping. martha: robotriping. how much cough medicine does it take? >> oh my god, they jug down a bottle of this stuff. martha: it's disgusting, first of all. i don't know how they do that. >> the potential side effects are deadly, your blood pressure goes up, you could have a stroke, a lot of these over the counter medicines also have a tylenol-like substance which of course could create liver cancer, so it's the dumbest,
9:55 am
the staoupldest thing to get high on, however, what's going to happen is probably the federal regulators are going to have to put these medications like we did have pseudophedrine behind the counters at pharmacy, ask people for their driver's licenses, make sure they're one or older. this is a back to school story, where i'm telling the parents, all the different chemicals that their chemicals are getting high on. absolutely, go watch it. this is the kind of stuff you have to have a conversation with your child and say by the way, jon, if a friend of yours gives you nyquil to get you high -- >> martha: and it's not going to hurt you, you can buy it at the drugstore, right? and that's what it is, they can gather a few from the friends, prescription cabinets and put it together and get high on it. it's very important that parents are up on this. i thank you for what you're doing on this front. thank you dr. manny, we'll see what happens. >> you got it.
9:56 am
martha: we asked you earlier do you think that cough medicines should be prescription only, 94 percent say no, of course, who wants to go through the hassle of getting a prescription but we may have to. you with weigh in -- can weigh in and see what others are saying, big to the no side, they don't want anybody telling them they can't have it but we can see why this has become such a big issue, it really is. bill: martha, thanks. martha and manny. m & m! martha: the other m & m, that's right. bill: we found very tens moments after sparks coming out of a plane's engines. look at that. can you imagine? i don't wanna! i don't wanna be on that plane, right? >> martha: the stunning results in the alaska primary. this stunning news came in late last night that murkowski had conceded and joe miller is the winner. he will be here. this is his first live interview since winning last night. it's going to be very interesting. stick around. joe miller, coming up. do what?
9:57 am
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martha: breaking news out of iraq, our own james rosen sat down for an exclusive interview with defense secretary robert gates. james rosen... we'll have that coming up later, he'll join us from d.c. with that, and, now, a "fox news alert," vac wakevacua are underway as earl makes a beeline another coast, all visitors are asked to leave north carolina's hatteras island, the tiny strip of barrier beach, basically sitting helplessly in the paths of the storm, at least as far as we can gauge now, hurricane earl is a category-3, keep in mind, cat-3s have done a lot of damage in their history, it was downgraded from a 4 and spinning over the bahamas at this hour and it is still a major threat to the entire eastern seaboard and winds top 125 miles per hour, and hunker down in a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," right now, i'm martha maccallum. who knows where it will really play out. bill: cat-3, cat-3, doesn't matter, the winds take down the
10:01 am
trees and the power lines, hurricane watches and warnings in effect right now, for the moment, from the carolinas, up through washington. martha: and labor day weekend looking like a washout for millions to the north, we'll have team coverage for you. from tracking the weather center is janice dean, preparing for a battle with mother nature on the ground, jonathan serrie is in civil devil hills, north carolina, looks beautiful there, right now, jonathan. >> reporter: you can see the people enjoying the day at the beach. it is under a red flag warning, as you pan off you can see the heavy surf here and lifeguards warning beginning and intermediate swimmers there is a potential for dangerous rip currents and battering waves and the threat will continue until the storm passes through the area and through labor day are anticipating heavy surf and warn swimmers to exercise caution and
10:02 am
stay in the shall lows or out of the -- shallows are, better yet out of the water. martha: they are having fun with the waves kicking on the beach there and how long before it will hit the area that you are, jonathan? >> reporter: they are talking about conditions worsening thursday night, possibly friday morning. as far as mandatory evacuations, they have so far only issued them for visitors, on some of the more remote portions of the outer banks. ocracoke island and hatteras island, they are telling visitors to get off the island and are urging residents to do the same, but it's not mandatory for residents and, the red cross says for those who stay behind to get together an emergency kit, food, water an emergency supplies in case the storm system jogs to the west and knocks out power and water and other infrastructure. martha: a big concern, jonathan, enjoy it while it lasts, thank you, out there in the beautiful
10:03 am
kill devil hills, north carolina. a lot of folks wait until the end of the summer to take their vacation, and it is a beautiful summer. bill: a lot more on the path now of a storm, than just the carolinas, earl can have an effect on every state starting in north carolina and trailing up the coast and janice dean, fox weather center has the latest now, jd. >> in election time when they say too close to call, bill? this is kind of too close to call. we have looked at the path... bill: either way, right? with the wobble. >> fit wobbles, 100 miles, it will mean a difference from a bad storm to a worse storm to a real dangerous storm. possibly. we have a new advisory 11:00, and it will give us new coordinates and a new track and stay tuned for that, we'll have it sometime as it comes -- if it comes out before 11:00. let's look at earl. 125 mile-per-hour sustained winds, category-3 and look at the storm. this is a strengthening storm, we could see it up to a category-4, again. in the next several hours and
10:04 am
maybe even the next advisory. we'll keep an eye on that, behind that, we have fiona and behind that, we could see tropical storm gasston in the next couple of days and they are coming off the runway like planes now, hurricane advisories for parts of north carolina up towards the virginia border, and, here this is path, let's break it down for you. category-3 storm, thursday, 2:00 p.m., approaching cape hatteras. let's go towards friday, 2:00 a.m., overnight, a brush with cape hatteras, looks like, category-3, a major storm, they could see hurricane-force winds, and storm surge as well as torrential rain. let's move up to long island, and boston. boston, you are within the cone of uncertainty on saturday. overnight saturday. look at cape cod and the islands, right, there, category-2 storm. still seeing the potential for hurricane-force winds, torrential downpours, as well as
10:05 am
storm surge and i want to show you guys what we can expect, along the coast. hurricane-force gusts, certainly heavy rain and, further inland, tropical storm-force winds which you can feel as far west as new york city. bill: janice... don't leave the building. >> don't leave the building! >> i'm setting up shop, my sleeping bag is here! martha: extreme weather center. martha: the talk of the town this morning, a major political upset in the primary challenge and took another incumbent. republican senator lisa murkowski of alaska conceded last night to tea party express favorite joe miller who will be here in a while and dan springer is streaming live from angry chronology and -- anchorage and it came across my blackberry, late last night and we didn't expect it this fast. >> reporter: any time you have a political dynasty, the murkowski
10:06 am
family and lisa was in the senate, 8 years and, before that, a state senator and her father was a u.s. state senator and governor and, giving up on it, but in the end the numbers didn't add up for the murkowski campaign after a full day of counting roughly 11,000 absentee ballots, and, murkowski cut into joe miller's lead by a merely 38 votes, and she trails by 1600 votes, with about 6,000 yet to be counted on friday and when she gathered her supporters together last night at the campaign office she talked about what a hard fight it was, and then conceded. >> we know we still have outstanding votes to counts in this primary. but, based on where we are, right now, i don't see a scenario where the primary will turn out in my favor. >> reporter: she praised her campaign staff for running a positive campaign, something
10:07 am
that political observers say hurt her in the end. everyone thought he was going to win by double digits, and the race tightened in the end and he didn't go negative and respond to the attacks joe miller was levying at her. martha: it was a tough battle and, really, a civil war of sorts, inside the political organization in alaska, to be sure. >> reporter: well, yes, joe miller stunned the political observers here, because, a poll was taken 7 weeks before the election and alaskans were asked about their feeling, positive or negative towards the candidates and 54% said joe who? and, so, murkowski had all the name recognition and everything going her way, but, in the end, with the backing of the tea party he was able to cut into the lead and the tea party express, $600,000 was put into the race, and of course, sarah palin got behind him, as well, as others here in alaska. so, mike huckabee did as well. so, enough people got behind him, in the end he eked out a
10:08 am
victory here, and, now onto the general where the republican party has to come together again. martha: that is a great point, dan springer, thank you very much from anchorage and now he has to go up against the democrat in alaska and it's a tighter race between miller and the democrat than it would have been if it were murkowski and we'll talk to him and find out what his strategy is as he heads into the general election, his first national interview since the big win but really, the story is beginning for him, as he heads into the election in november, so, we'll speak to him en a little bit. bill: interesting to hear from him. martha: will be. bill: what, 1200 votes? 1300? at the most. department of homeland security launching an operation to secure the nation's southern border today. unmanned drones like the one you see here the department is expanding the fleet to monitor all 2,000 miles of border between the u.s. and mexico, but, the critics say, it is a sky-high waste of your tax dollars and william lajeunesse is our tax man and is live in l.a. on this. what is up, william? >> reporter: bill, as you know the military version of the p d
10:09 am
predator first earned respected overseas when it killed members of al qaeda without being seen but with $15 million apiece, some wonder if it is justified on america's other war on the border. >> these are not a wise use of this taxpayers' money. $15 million, for what amounts to a moving camera platform it is a bit excessive. >> i can tell you that the $15 million was well worth it. in that we now can focus on the border in a broader area. >> reporter: the department of homeland security currently operates six predators, two on the northern border and four this south and last month bought two more more texas and critics say the $100 million is better spent elsewhere, calling them expensive toys, ill suited for border control. >> we already spot more traffic than we can and pre-heavenlied. we need more boots on the ground so we can apprehend what we are
10:10 am
spotting now. >> reporter: supporters admit the drones spend most of their time gathering intelligence and their role as a stealth asset is evolving and to show you the capability of the predator we'll turn off the light. it is pitch black. i can see and hear nothing. but, the predator can see us. from over 2 miles high. and, supporters say, that is a game-changer. >> we have proven on many occasions the utility and versatility of the aircraft. >> look closely at the predator's real-time video. illegal immigrants trimmed a ground sensor in a remote corner of arizona. the drone engaged, allowing the pilots to guide in agents, first on the ground and, later, with the helicopter. to make the arrests. >> very few platforms can do that. so, there is something you can quantify in savings. >> reporter: now the faa has given the cbp, customs and border protection the ability to fly it from texas to the
10:11 am
arizona/california border and the bottom line is, bill, this is very versatile and the role it is playing within the agency is really, still evolving, and, it may be more expensive than blackhawks, two blackhawks, actually, it is -- can stay in the air much longer, of course, and, they say it has many other applications, disaster response, that kind of thing. bill. bill: we'll see if it makes a difference, william lajeunesse in los angeles. on that. martha: good news... look at the dow jones industrials. some very interesting cross trends, a nice move this morning, better than 2% higher, for the dow 30 and here's what is going on out there. news of strengths in china and australia is what the mark is hinging off of today and -- the market is hinging off of today and is taking the stocks higher on the global strength news in the economy. and not good news here at home, you have a weak jobs market, 10,000 jobs lost in the private sector, not the kind of move we wanted to see and now we are getting numbers on construction activity which fell for the third straight month and dropped to the lowest level in a decade,
10:12 am
but be also have manufacturing number out there, that are looking a little bit more positive. so you've got cross-currents in the market and it is leading to a nice move for the dow, early in the day, up 214 point, rigs. we'll take it, right. bill: flip a coin, folks, right? in a moment here, violence hitting a vacation destination south of our border. a popular cancun bar hit by molotov cocktails. this is not a border city, folks, this is cancun. several women are dead. as drug violence hits a tropical paradise. martha: and public education may be free. but, that doesn't mean it comes cheap, folks. especially in one state where the price tag is the most expensive school and when we tell you how much it costs, it will blow you away. bill: and targeting local politician over health care. you remember the scenes from 12 months ago? now, the cricketics are accusin
10:13 am
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martha: a lot of developments on the health care front, minnesota governor tim pawlenty taking a stand against the president's sweeping health care overhaul and issued an executive order that restricts his state's participation in the law and meanwhile critics claim that top democrats are now avoiding health care altogether, basically, as they head into the election season, they are not spending a lot of time talking about that and we brought that to you as something revealed in talking points, and, look at this. this is a real clear politics chart. and, it -- put out by jay cost at rcp and shows, go back to last summer you can see the path
10:17 am
during which republicans have been gaining ground and goes back to those noisy town halls of last summer which we showed you a clip from and when the health care law was launched into effects in march and alan colmes is with me -- >> somebody is running for president... martha: well, could be. could be. but, you know, a lot of people say what tim pawlenty is doing is a risky move and is turning down money from the federal government and turned down $850 million in the sex education grants and a million dollars in something that would have allowed them to review their health care costs, because that money has strings attached. and it means you have to follow -- >> playing to the far right wing conservative baines an attempt to clearly set himself up as a run for president and i don't think it is what is best for his state, it is political posturing. martha: what a shock -- i expect you to say that. >> what a shock. martha: but he is turning down federal dollars and he's betting that people will -- are going to back him, for having the courage to say, not in my state, we will not have --
10:18 am
>> and the state may feel that way and whether it plays on the national stage and we find out he is running for president, it is calculated. i don't think this is someone -- >> it can be calculated and also be what you believe at the same time. >> and there are those who fought against the stimulus and accepted the money with open arms as soon as it came and i see it as a political move on the part of someone who wants the political nomination. martha: and if it is a political move the chart may bear out it is is a good one, look at the chart, it is interesting, it goes to last summer and shows the republican path, rise, in favorability and started then, when we heard those people standing up, you see the tape of arlen specter telling the man -- >> what party... martha: good question, a whole other show. figure that one out. but it tracks back to health care and the democrats don't want to talk about it too much. >> and the democrats are being timid and all of these polls
10:19 am
show and the ten point lead on the generic race between republicans and democrats and, the democrats are timid and you look at the health care numbers the people against health care are not just the right wing who don't want health care, a lot of the people, those people against it are progressives are upset the democrats didn't stand up for public option and the president -- >> right. >> and the president didn't do what he said he'd do and the dis gruntalment is from both sides. martha: you think they should stick to their ground and shout from the highest mountain top and go with it. >> the problem democrats are having, they are not standing up for what they said they wanted to do and they -- >> you know what will happen then, the candidate on the other side will say, look, these cbo numbers, this report, all of it shows that what was supposed to save us money in health care reform, the number one reason for doing it, is not going to. >> the cbo numbers project, over ten years you do save money. martha: i don't know what model you look at. >> you receive the numbers and i see numbers and the people are
10:20 am
confused, because they don't understand and it is a complicated -- >> the costs are going up. >> i think it is uncertainty and the problem people are having is they are uncertain and people get fearful when they don't know what is going on and democrats need to stick to their guns and show leadership by saying this is what we stood for and ran on and sticking by the and this what is we believe in and reagan was a great leader whether you agree with him or not, and he stood for something and that is what people wants to see. martha: i couldn't agree with you more, i think you are right. people want candidates who stand for something and we'll see if they listen to alan colmes, great strategy to all the democrats out there. right here in "america's newsroom." good to see you, alan, thank you very much. bill: 20 minutes past the hour, they fight for their krcountry hot spots around the world but are their votes counted, the men and women in our arms service. we'll look at that in a moment, playing along at 30,000 feet, look out your window and you see, sparks, okay? shooting out of the engine, not what you want to see. what the heck made this gash in
10:21 am
the side of a jet?
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
martha: tense moments aboards a long distance flight as passengers see an engine problem and you are looking out the window and you see sparks flying by your window... >> wow, man. martha: that is what was shot on the cell phone video as it was held out the window and passengers aboard -- aboard the qantas jet bound for australia captured the pictures, in the mobile phone and the pilot told nervous passengers the plane had to jetson fuel, before returning to san francisco's airport and we are told one engine vibrated 15 minutes into the flight and
10:25 am
they shut down the flight and, all well that ends well but you don't want to look out the window and it appears, the engine has huge sparks flying out of it. bill: qantas airlines... martha: qantas. qantas. bill: still perfect after the flight. minutes from now, president obama meets with israel's prime minister in the white house, which marks the start of the first peace talks in nearly tw years and a meeting with the palestinian president will follow that, major garrett is watching that on the north lawn of the white house. major, good morning. >> good morning, bill. bill: is it considered a legitimate shot at talking peace. >> reporter: there is no legitimate shot until the two parties are talking to each other on a regular basis, and as you said, bill, the intro, it has not happened in two years, so, the white house knows this is a long shot but better than no shot and that is what you have, when they are not talking to each other, so, direct talks begin here, in earnest, tomorrow, the president will meet privately with benjamin netanyahu, the israeli prime
10:26 am
minister, mahmoud abbas, the president of the palestinian authority and regional players of significance, meaning king abdullah of jordan and president mubarak of egypt and they will not put a peace plan, not to lead them to an outcome but allow them to talk to each other and help on the side if the u.s. can. bill: today is the nudge in the topic. if that is the case, it needs -- in these direct talks what role does hamas play. >> reporter: hamas is a key figure and made itself nor so yesterday by killing four israelis in what can be only interpreted as an attempts to undermine the peace talks in response, the palestinian authority did something it has not done in years, and rounded up 250 members of hamas, mid-level militants, described by the palestinian authority, a confidence building measure showing the israelis if hamas commits an act of terrorism the
10:27 am
palestinian authority will not stand idly by and meet out consequences on hamas and hamas runs gaza and the palestinian authorities the west bank and they are rivals of each other and whatever happens, whatever deal abbas cuts with the israelis he has to know they will accept it or not attack because of it, and it makes the talks all the more complicated. bill: major garrett, major garrett on the white house lawn there, thanks, major. martha: "fox news alert" now, the pakistani city of lahore, there were two loud explosions. the police say a time bomb exploded during a shiite procession and 7 people were wounded in the blast and a subsequent stampede that followed it, also injured some people and it took place amid the traditional morning procession for one of the shiite islam's most recollected holy men and they believe that sunni extremists may be responsible
10:28 am
for that, we'll continue to keep on top of it, two loud explosions, a time bomb is what is reported to be, by the pakistani police. 7 people wounded in that blast. bill: so much news out of the country already with the flooding and still dealing with that... martha: incredible. bill: from northern mexico, turning to a bloodbath, deadly drug violence, we have chronicled for the past year-and-a-half and the new attack on tourists may be the cartel's boldest move yet. details on that. martha: and, this is the man of the hour, right now, joe miller, unseating a sitting senators overnight. winning his bid for alaska's g.o.p. senate nomination, his first appearance, since winning, since clinching the nomination and he'll be with us, coming up in "america's newsroom," next. you want -- we want to know what you think, do you think his nomination will have an impact on the tea party and the november midterm elections? what does it mean? go to"america's newsroom" and send me a link, tweet, e-mail and we pay have time to put this stuff on the air, and i'm reading them as
10:29 am
they come in, keep them coming, folks, we'll be right back! are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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bill: quick check of the headlines, so, 30 in new york, joe biden in iraq marking the official end to the u.s. combat operations in the country and joe biden saying he believes the iraqis are now close to forming a government, and has been politically deadlocked since the march election, and gunmen in the congo have a few americans trapped, fired on a private
10:33 am
plane on the tarmac carrying international aid workers and those workers escaped into the forest and are now hiding and we are told u.n. peacekeepers are on the way to rescue them including three americans, as i mentioned. earl, weakened to a category-3 hurricane and packing a punch at category-3, mandatory evacuations underway in areas of north carolina and all visitors are asked to leave hatteras island as the storm threatens the east cost, watch the story. starting today, and going for the next three days, right here. martha: all right, to politics, 62 days and counting, until the midterm elections, folks, it is getting here. there is still a g.o.p. senate primary, though, that is going on in delaware, it is getting interesting, tea parties express candidate christine o'donnell is squaring off against mike campbell and, carl cameron, is in delaware, late out for us. >> he's a nine term incumbents
10:34 am
congressman and proud moderate and supporter of stem cell research and supporter of cap-and-trade and supported much of the obama stimulus, et cetera. and in delaware, he's been elected nine times by groups, and he was endorsed by the state republican party for the nomination to take back joe biden's senate seat, the democratic seat joe biden held, and republicans have a shot at winning this year and that is who mike castle is and for the longest time it was thought he'd be a virtual shoo-in and now the tea party express backed conservative, fiscally conservative candidate, christine o'donnell. and she's run for office twice before in delaware and she was the nominee for senate in '08 and was clobbered. and too them around has the help of 225,0$225,000 in cold cash operating and because moderate republicans have taken a beating in primaries across the country from tea party backed candidates, she may be the next one to watch and the tea party express group helped joe miller
10:35 am
beat lisa murkowski, in alaska, it is a big deal. martha: and there are different factions of the tea party and this is the tea party express, how much of miller's win will flood attention and money toward christine o'donnell. >> reporter: tremendously influential in its potential, here's why. delaware is a small state and a republican primary will have 50 to 100,000 votes cast total and the republican primary nomination could be won with as few as 25,000 votes by either candidate and in a small state and mike castle is the only congressman in delaware and he's at large and it is a big race and everybody is watching it and to have a quarter of million dollars from the tea party express could make the difference in what is a race he has in the advantage in the polls and is up 7 to 12 points, on the edge of a double-digit lead and it can vanish quickly as we have seen around the country when tea party express
10:36 am
advertising and the movement itself get behind the candidate. christine o'donnell may be catching the wave, whether she can surf, 13 days to find out, 13 days, we'll find out and we saw what happened in alaska. carl cameron in delaware, and we'll talk to joe miller, the beneficiary of that in a couple of minutes. bill: in the meantime, a tourist hot spot, popular with americans, hit by suspected drug violence, 8 are dead, after a bomb attack on a bar in cancun, mexico. a group of our men, blocking -- of men blocking the exits, before throwing gasoline bombs inside and of the 8 dead, 6 are women. what happened in this incidents? cancun is a place, that all americans recognize. >> fortunately, the incident happened, quite far away from at the tourist area, it was not directed at tourists, themselves, a bar frequented by locals, unfortunately, for the people that were there, but
10:37 am
fortunate for the tourism industry and a lot of this is going on and it seems to have been an incident around extortion, the bar was extorted and they didn't want to pay and the ones that were extorting them, the guy was put en jail and came back to burn down the place, as far as we know from the initial investigation. bill: is that considered drug violence? is that mob violence? whats that? in mexico there? >> well, some of the drug organizations, particularly the -- a couple of the big ones have gotten involved in extortion and kidnapping as well as drug running and we are seeing more and more of this, not all the drug organizations do it but some do and they have ex-paenldex-paenlpanded their businesses into really deadly stuff. bill: the violence we have seen on the uptick, do you believe is a result of the growing influence of these families and organizations, or is it the result of the government out o mexico city cracking down? >> i think it is a bit of both, a multibillion-dollar business, driven by our consumption, of
10:38 am
course, 19 to $40 billion worth of consumption money, spent on narcotics, and goes back into mexico, and, you know, i think in part the government has been able to disrupt the business, they've gotten the cartels fighting over the spoils, over places like cancun, a major transshipments route over the northern border and that is one side and the other side, it's not clear whether they turned the tide and are able to control the violence. bill: that is a great point and we can't say whether or not the mexican government has the ability at the moment to control the violence, to stop it? >> i think it is hard to know. i think what they have done is they've disrupted the operations of the groups and have taken out a couple of the medium-sized cartels that were particularly violent and have dealt them major blows and, the -- the arrest yesterday of the by who is called barbie, and that seems to have been an organization they've taken apart and there are a couple others they hit
10:39 am
heart and there are other organization and they are violent and we'll hope over the next couple years we'll see major blows against the organization and a better police force and judicial system. bill: we saw a shot of barbie in court, not so blond any more with his shaved head, gao good to get your insight. martha: a while police chase traveling through three separate counties in ohio, using road spikes against a drug suspect driving a van, and the tires are blown out, and, he was speeding along, grinding on the metal rims, don't you love when that happens in these situations? eventually he hit a tree and officers opened fire, and they hit him once, in the back side, where they finally took the guy down and police say they believe the suspect was armed. bill: got it in the end... martha: got him in the an end! bill: miller time, right. martha: miller time, bill. bill: just about. martha: a little early for me --
10:40 am
oh, you mean joe miller! bill: taking down a sitting u.s. senator, the third sitting senator, to lose their re-election bid. winning the republican nomination in alaska's senate seat with the help from the tea party. with the help of sarah palin. at the last moment. joe miller talks to you, live from anchorage, first declaring victory, late last night. don't miss that, next. martha: and our greatest americans have a tough time voting from the war zone, absentee ballots and take up precious time and resources and one man has a new plan, though, that will make you say, bill hemmer, why didn't i thing of that! -- think of that! ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes, you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar
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or...ok. how about one large slice while jogging in place followed by eight celery... mmm raspberry cheesecake... wow, and you've lost weight! oh yeah! [ female announcer ] yoplait light. 30 delicis flavors all around 100 calories each. bill: $2 million later, more than 1800 students
10:44 am
will fill the halls of north high school, when classes start next week in massachusetts, the project had controversy, started with a planned $40 million renovation, and ballooned from there, like the big dig, the school has two theatres, two gyms, and olympic size swimming pool, and cool stuff! martha: rent it out on the weekends. bill: and trails far behind the most expensive public school ever made from los angeles, the robert f. kennedy communities school out there, price tag, they like to spend money out there, $578 million. martha: a theater, i can't believe that. all right, folks, the fox news first here today, tea party favorite joe miller knocks out lisa murkowski and the senate primary is a done deal and he'll face off against scott mcadams in november and we'll talk about that, alaskan republican joe miller joins me now with his reaction, welcome, we should call you joe, you said and how
10:45 am
is it going and congratulations, and were you surprised? sn>> the outcome was what we projected as far as the victory and we had and in vebl volunteer group on the ground, worked day and night to make sure it could happen and the small state population wise, is what really can make a race and we had a number of incredible people at the national and state level, and that got behind the campaign, and you know, you take any one of those factors out, and we wouldn't be where we are today. martha: you know, i want to point out to the viewers we have a bit of a delay here and they'll hear that in our conversation but i'm fascinated by something. yesterday you were concerned that there might be an al franken kind of moment in the, the counting might go on for a very long time and the numbers might be skewed by either the murkowski campaign, or the national senate committee. have you patched things up with the national senate committee? what is your relationship like with them this morning?
10:46 am
>> i think we are going forward, in a unified way and it is my understanding they -- the nsrc endorsed us yesterday and we'll have a unified front in the fall election. martha: when you look at the path, several weeks ago nobody knew who you were in the broader united states, what was it -- you were called the sarah palin backed candidate, joe miller, how do you feel about that? and what do you think started to really put you on the radar, if not that? >> it is clear that at the national stage, governor palin's endorsement was critical and there was certainly a number of other endorsements that came behind it that also gave us national coverage including governor huckabee, and we had a number of personalities, national radio personalities, and also kind of put us on the national radar, but, frankly, the folks on the ground made it happen, it was the volunteer network and the people who worked day and night to make sure we were successful in alaska and tried to visit most
10:47 am
of the communities in the state and most of the rural communities and big state, you know as far as geography goes, and the candidate, the campaign, everybody, put a lot of effort into it and that really made this thing happen in the state of alaska. martha: all right, another thing you have to make happen if you want to make it to washington, that is to beat scott mcadams in november, the latest polls show your lead over him is narrower than it would have been if you had gone up against lisa murkowski. what is your strategy there? sn>> we want to expand the lead significantly. again, the approach we have is very much one that has bipartisan appeal and basically bringing control back to the state, and, basically, minimizing the power of the federal government and limit, it to its enumerated powers and really it's not the future of alaska but the future of the country and we think the 15-point spread, whichever poll are looking at will expand by
10:48 am
the time we hit the election in november. martha: the tea party did a lot of fund-raising for you and now talk about the delaware race, with christine o'donnell, how much credit do you give the tea party express for your win? >> tea party express was very involved in the race as well and without their support it wouldn't have happened and take any one of those factors out and i don't think it would have happened. martha: well, we know you have a race ahead of you for november and we hope to talk to you -- the folks who are running against you as well and we'll follow this -- mr. mcadams and we'll follow it all the way through, joe miller, thank you very much, good talking to you today, congratulations! >> thank you, martha, for having me. martha: and go to"america's newsroom" and do you think joe miller's nomination will have an impact on the tea party? we are hearing a lot about the tea party express, and how do you think it shakes out? send me a tweet with your thoughts and i'll read those comments and here's a tweet: . the winning is a clear signal to
10:49 am
the tea party's movement, that the astro is it your turf has gone to seed, remember nancy pelosi called it astroturf and deborah says, yes, it will have an effect on the election, as shocking as scott brown's last november, an interesting comparison. and we will see what happens, things are getting very interesting out there. bill: and we mentioned earlier, murkowski is the third senate -- >> incumbent senator. bill: that failed to win the election, not even a primary, not a general election but a primary. martha: changing of the guard argument to be made here. we'll see what happens. bill: there are only five categories of hurricanes, we know that and right now earl is a three. katrina was a three, when she made landfall in louisiana. live to what might be earl's next stop on a potential path of destruction. look at that storm. martha: and, they put their lives on the line defending our country, but, often, our military votes don't even get counted, one man has a new plan to send the absentee ballots the
10:50 am
way of the deep saurinosaurs ane a better way of doing it, folks, coming up. [ male announcer ] this is the way most people choose toothbrush. with so many it's hard to see the difference. but this is the way most dentists choose. fact is, more dentists use an oral-b tosh than any other brush. trust the brush more dentists use. oral-b.
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10:53 am
martha: we've made mistakes at work, right? everybody has and if your mistake was plastered on a large sign, like in charlotte, north carolina, where a contractor is facing heat this morning, for good reason, misspelling this very large highway sign, it is posed to read, independence boulevard and the litters, d and n are reversed and the department of transportation said the contractor is working on fixing that. i mean, come on! bill: just a week ago -- >> independence. bill: and we had the school crosswalk sign, last week, right
10:54 am
and school was spelled incorrectly. martha: everyone is texting and people dornts -- don't look carefully when they are doing this. bill: word check. bring it on. martha: you have to look it up, you know. bill: right. and, the u.s. military, absentee ballots, a problem sometimes the ballots don't make it home in time to be counted and there is one lawmaker, pushing for a high-tech approach to be sure every vote is counted, laura ingle is live, and what is the lawmaker proposing. >> reporter: good morning, we are talking about tom moriarity's proposal, that would create a secure internet based voting system for active duty members of the military serving overseas who in the past as you said had a hard time getting the votes in on time and this year, 33 states are allowing millions of overseas and military voters to use some form of electronic voting hoping to make the system more efficient. >> it's a cumbersome process for
10:55 am
someone overseas, serving in the military to get an absentee ballot and have to apply to the county clerk and the county clerk has to send the ballot and they have to fill it out and send it back and oftentimes, this may get lost in translation, and it may not get back and -- in the a timely manner and may not be counted until after the election. >> and the numbers back them in, percentage wise more members of the military are registered than civilians and, the votes are counted at a much lower rate than those by the general public an 39% of americans overseas said they did not even get their ballots out until the last two weeks of october, making returning those ballots on time nearly impossible. bill: could this fix election problems we have had from time-to-time in the past, laura. >> reporter: yes. there is a lots of hope and political observers say on top of simplifying the voting process, on-line voting could reduce human error, preventing incidents like machine malfunctions and hanging chads. >> it is striking, ten years after the 2000 election when we thought that, if nothing else, that election was going to lead
10:56 am
us all this try to make the election system work better. it probably works better but still has lots of problems and lots of opportunities for improvement and this may be one of those improvements. >> reporter: and you can get this, the proposal doesn't have unanimous support and security experts feel the internet is not 100% safe and e-voting is s susceptible to hacking and fraud, and they hope to get it to the governor's desk at the end of the year. bill: we'll see if he is successful. count every vote. martha. martha: that's right. all right, it takes pictures and videos and plays music and movies an sur. s the web at break neck speed and could the iphone replace a crucial piece of equipment at your doctor's office in coming up. pwpwpspwpspw@s@a
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10:59 am
martha: folks, we are waiting for the latest update from the national hurricane center on earl and don't forget that lady fiona behind earl, coming up the inside there

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